One challenge any bakery may encounter is product consistency. For example, with all the ingredients that go into a dough, it can be a feat to get two loaves looking the same. That is where quality proofing comes in!

Consistent proofing is essential for bakeries that want to produce high-quality bread and pastries, by improving the dough properties, consistency, and shelf life by precisely controlling the temperature and humidity.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced proofing time.
    The fermentation process is sped up by providing optimal temperature and humidity for the yeast activity. This can save time and energy for the bakery, as well as improve the flavor and texture of the bread.
  • Improved dough structure.
    A quality dough resists sticking, tearing, or collapsing during the shaping and baking process. This reduces waste and improves the appearance and volume of the bread.
  • Enhanced product quality.
    A dough of correct properties for the desired product (moisture content, gluten development, and gas retention) means consistent size, texture, and appearance of your raised dough product.

Pfening offers comprehensive line of rack proofers and dough proofing systems to optimize production and achieve consistent and superior quality. Systems we provide include:

  • Rack and Monorail Final Proof Boxes

Pfening’s rack and monorail final proof boxes provide the most high-performance and rugged box in the industry and incorporate polyurethane insulation, which limits thermal loss. Pfening’s unique Equi-Temp air system virtually eliminates temperature and humidity variations within the box, resulting in consistent size, texture, and appearance of raised doughs. Our proof boxes can be customized to any configuration, and we can enlarge or modify any rack proof box whether built by us or others.

  • Fermentation Rooms and Dough Retarder Rooms

For consistent dough development, Pfening’s Fermentation Rooms maintain an even temperature and humidity throughout the room at all times. The air system is designed to provide gentle air movement, eliminating crusting.

Our Dough Retarder Rooms use thick polyurethane insulation to minimize thermal loss and have a low velocity cooling unit that minimizes shrinkage and drying.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to see how Pfening’s systems can work for you.