For over eighty years the Fred D. Pfening Company has been at the forefront of proofing technology, providing the most high-performance and rugged box in the industry. Our boxes incorporate polyurethane insulation, limiting thermal loss. Heavy-duty, durable doors protect against the demands of day to day use. Boxes are available in stainless steel and aluminum.

The Pfening Model 300 Rack Proof Box has everything that is great about the previous generations of Pfening proofer plus new features improving on the design.  The Model 300 proof box has better thermally isolated trim reducing condensation.   The air handling units have heavier gauge welded stainless steel sump pans to reduce leaks and increase lifespan.

Pfening’s unique Equi-Temp air system virtually eliminates temperature and humidity variations within the box, resulting in consistent size, texture, and appearance of raised doughs, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Our proof boxes can be customized to any configuration the customer desires. We can enlarge or modify any rack proof box whether built by us or others.

We offer a wide range of control options tailored for individual needs. All Pfening controls use Vaisala sensors to maintain temperatures up to 122 degrees F, and relative humidity up to 100%.  The Pfening Model B4 Control is a digital microprocessor control which is fairly easy to use and accurate.   The Pfening Model C2 Control is a customizable control which uses a combined PLC and HMI unit.   The Model C2 is capable of working with multiple units/zones, heating/cooling, modulating valves and other different or unique requirements.  The Model C2 can also keep trend data of the temperature and humidity and save that to a micro-sd card.  The Pfening Model C Control is a PLC system using Allen-Bradley hardware.    It has all of the same features as the Model C2 plus some additional features only available using Allen-Bradley.