Fred D. Pfening, Sr., third from left, in front of his bakery about 1915

Our company was founded in 1919 when Fred D. Pfening sold his bakery in Akron, Ohio to become a manufacturers’ representative to the industry. In 1930 he received the first of many patents for a reliable liquid meter for bakery use. In the late 1930s, he developed a final proofer that improved product consistency. The company was a pioneer in automated ingredient handling in the 1950s when it introduced pneumatically conveyed bulk flour and sugar systems. Minor ingredient handling systems followed in the 1990s. Bulk liquid systems were added in the early 2000s. In recent years, Pfening has designed sophisticated ingredient batching and control systems.

Our tradition of product innovation continues with the Pfening Enviro-Blender which delivers the correct amount of water at the right temperature with absolutely no waste.


Fred D. Pfening Sr.

Fred D. Pfening, Sr. served as president of the company until retirement in 1954. He held numerous patents for liquid metering systems, proofing and ingredient handling systems. His passion was to supply equipment to make it easier for bakers to put their passion into their products. Fred D. Pfening, Jr. joined the company in 1948 and served as president from 1954 to 1989. Ingredient conveying became the company’s main product line during his tenure. Beyond the business, he was a life-long circus enthusiast and was known for his community involvement and generosity.

Fred D. Pfening III began at Pfening in 1976 and served as company president since 1989. Under his stewardship the company has continued to grow and has developed new product lines such as liquid ingredient handling. During this time the Pfening Company partnered with Advanced Food Systems to develop a high speed mixer.


Fred D. Pfening Jr.

The company’s current president, Fred D. Pfening IV, joined the company in 2008 as the production manager. He started on the shop floor building rotary feeders and motor and blower assemblies before moving, like his father, into the cost accounting department. He is very proud of his family’s legacy in the baking industry and is honored to be leading the Fred D. Pfening Company into its second century of success.

Fred D. Pfening IV