enviro-blenderThe Pfening Enviro-Blender and metering system automatically delivers water at the correct weight and temperature with no waste. Conventional water temperature blenders require some water to be dumped down the drain so that the outgoing temperature stays within tolerance. Our assembly is designed to accurately measure the weight and temperature while eliminating the need to dump any water.

Enviro-Blender and Metering System Features

  • Water delivery between 32ᵒ F. and 180ᵒ F.
  • Modulating valves for fast, accurate temperature control
  • Eliminates need to dump water to reach the correct temperature
  • Ten batch and temperature set points
  • Meters up to 200 lbs. per minute with 1” line
  • Meters up to 300 lbs. per minute with 1½” line
  • Serves up to three mixers
  • NEMA 4X control enclosure has easy-to-use PLC touch screen interface
  • Ethernet communication allows controls to be operated from a remote PLC
  • Rugged, industrial-grade design for long life