Since the 1950’s, Pfening has provided hundreds of Dry Ingredient Handling solutions to various food industries, including Bread, Roll, Cake, Cookie, Cracker, Candy, and Soft Drinks. Pfening designs and manufactures Bulk Ingredient Handling Systems, for typical ingredients such as Flour, Granulated Sugar, and Dextrose. Bulk Handling Systems receive, store, convey, sift, and weigh the ingredient prior to discharge into a mixer. We also provide Sugar Grinding Systems for on-site production of Powdered Sugar.

Pfening designs and manufactures Minor and Micro Ingredient Systems for ingredients whose usage does not justify a Bulk Ingredient Handling System. Manual handling of ingredients is greatly reduced with a Minor and Micro Ingredient System, reducing the chance of worker injury, and improves batch accuracy by automating the weighing and delivery of the ingredients to the mixer.

Pfening Control Systems, designed by our in-house Electrical Engineers and Programmers, provide superior performance, reliability and ease of use. We build the Pfening Control Systems to provided trouble shooting and operation of the individual components as well as to work together in sequenced logic as an automated system.